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Blog - 1ster Geburtstag Liz - Boho Zauberwald

1ster Geburtstag Liz - Boho Zauberwald

Hinzugefügt:  13.07.2017

Steffi being an Brazilian lifestyle blogger mom living in Switzerland wanted to celebrate Liz's first birthday party with all her friends and family. The theme for the party followed along the lines of  woodland,  enchanted forest, bohemian including cute mushrooms and gnomes. Gnome because she loves to call Liv herr little gnome too. Steffi owns a well known interior and lifestyle Instagram account which is also something Ikea Switzerland got aware of and made a homestory with Steffi and her family.

But here the pictures of this charming and full of fairy tale details first birthday. The decoration used burgundy, light pink and grey shades as key elements combined with rosegolden and woodland inspired details.

The little birthday girl enjoying the party - HIP HIP HOORAY!!

The drip cake Steffi did all by herself putting so much thoughts and details into it!

The backdrop was made with many dream catchers full of doillies, feathers and cotton frindges. Natural, simple tree cut pieces are used as trays.

Gnomes and little mushroom details every where - who wouldn't want one of these brownies!

The table was set with large doillies, small cake plates in light pink, gold and chalk board optic found at Pinkfisch party shop.

Combining porcellaine and paper plates can be so charming and just the perfect mix for a special party which should not get too formal either.

The little birthday munchkin Liz - such a cutie!

Little food picks all over grapes, kiwis and a large selection of breads and cheeses.

Using a cocktail side bar for a 6l dispenser, glasses for prosecco mixes and party cups for just juice drinking toddlers.

A closer look how the table was set with doillies, paper plates and napkins with a mushroom ring.

Paper Pompoms, flower arrangements and a chandelier are inviting the guests to take a seat and enjoy a glass of chilled white wine.

Rosegolden foil letter balloons which can be used to write individual letter garlands to write "ONE" above the sweet table.

The cake was topped with an individual cake topper which you can also order at Pinkfisch - ask for a quote if you want to write something special on your birthday cake - Steffi has choosen "Wild One" and found hers on Etsy.

Thanks Steffi for the lovely pictures, the great cooperation and the inspiring party for your cutie Liz!


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