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Blog - Say Hello to Halloween

Say Hello to Halloween

Hinzugefügt:  04.10.2012

Having Halloween in about 4 weeks time we at Pinkfisch bundled some of our products in black, kraft, white or orange for Halloween, but also collected some inspiring decorations, food and craft links along with some nice pictures to boost your house deco or party preparation this year.

Let’s start off with some ideas to get crafty for Halloween. All of them are also fun when done with kids:

  • Colour white lanterns with acrylic paint or use some paperpatch glue together with pretty napkins or paper to get your backdrop Halloween decoration
  • Use bright acrylic paint (some are fluorescent and glow even at night - to make it really spooky or pretty depending on the shapes you paint) to paint your pumpkins or carve various pumpkins, light them with a candle in and display them outdoor
  • Draw some funny or scary faces on little drinking bottles, fill them with milk and add a pretty paper straw
  • Bake muffins and colour the dough orange or zebra (black and orange zebra tutorial later in this blog)
  • Take some white paper or fabric bags and stamp Halloween symbols (cats, pumpkins, witches to name some) or synonyms like “BOO” or “Trick&Treat” on and fill them with sweets in matching colours
  • Make cake pops with straws, sprinkles and candy melt in orange, black or the colour you have chosen for this year’s Halloween theme; to get a recipe check out our cake pops blog
  • Bake and decorate some cookies! You can find the matching cookie cutters for Halloween at Bakeria (check out Lynns baking and icing tutorials too)
  • Cut some bat or pumpkin shaped face masques out from black or orange foam rubber
  • Pimp your desert table with Halloween printables

And here is how to get crafty for Halloween:

Pics taken by Pinkfisch on craft morning for Halloween

I am not a patient person and this year having a newborn and a toddler Halloween decoration had to be fast, fun and easy. So this is what we did: We painted white paper lanterns, which we found in Coop Bau&Hobby with acrylic colour in orange. To add some fun we glued an owl cut out from a black dotted napkin on to the lantern. Nose, eyes and feet were cut out from coloured paper and finally glued on the owl lantern. You can download the owl shape for free here. We covered the other white lanterns with black and white dotted napkins by using glossy decopatch glue.

Another fun project were the pumpkins. Why have the regular orange pumpkins every year? It’s fun to paint them with your kids - this year visitors can already see at our home front door that we love dots and stripes (even for Halloween)! We used bright acrylic colour to paint various pumpkins in white, blue and lime and added some dots or stripes. For the dots we used a little soft ball as a stamp, little dots can be painted with regular Q-tips. 

We found these fun Ghost Milk Bottles at Two Prince Bakery Theatre and had to try them out. For all of you who like the paper straws and the milk bottles, this is a really fast DIY project. 

Paint funny or scary faces on an empty plastic bottle and fill them up with milk. Add a paper straw and your little milk ghosts are ready to be served to your little trick or treat guests.

It was 2 hours of pleasure painting and gluing - the sun was shining warm this September morning, my toddler helped painting and my newborn enjoyed sleeping in the warm sun outdoor. Such a simple way to recharge batteries!!

A collage with the painted pumpkins, decorated lanterns and stamped bags and some crafting snapshots

We have found many other fun projects and useful links that we want to share with you. Please note that all the following pictures are not from PinkFisch but belong to the blog owners where we found the ideas. All are mentioned in the text. Here you go:

Here is a very pretty Halloween setting we found on goodhousekeeping.com showing how stunning many simple carved pumkins can be arranged. 

We got inspired by looking at fabric bags done for Cakewalk Baking’s PumpkinPatchParty - we loved the idea and stamped our glassine paper bags with black letters on our craft morning. Here is the inspirational picture which got us started. 

Our glassine bags are perfect for little trick and treat sweets and once being stamped by hand they are really getting special and personal. 

There are so many baking and crafting ideas out there, we had hard times to limit the ideas we loved when searching for Halloween inspirations. Look at Happy Wish Company’s face masques and cake pops – they are really pretty and perfect for a children Halloween get-together – the Orchard Halloween party was featured on Amy Atlas’blog. 

The pictures below show what you could bake besides cake pops – look at all these yummy cookies or the orange-black zebra cupcakes!

The orange-black zebra cupcakes are fun and easy with the tutorial of Sugar Tumble – and you can mix any 2 colours matching your party. The bat cookies together with orange cake pops and donuts were done by Michelle from Cakewalk Baking for her son’s PumpkinPatchParty. Or look at the wickedly styled Halloween version of cookies in blue-orange shades – we love the colours! The black cat cookies done by Happy Wish Company are no way bringing bad luck, don’t you think so? The brewing pot cookies were done by Cookie XChange for a table styled by Michelle of Favour Box Bakery.


We are huge fans of printables. They are an easy way to pimp your desert table or your entire party venue. You can find pretty printables on Etsy or Dawanda. We really enjoy Abigail’s paper and cake printables or Stefanie’s designs from anna and blue paperie. You can also see Abigail’s printables on our lemonade stand blog.

You can find more pretty party ideas and decoration inspirations on many party blogs e.g. Hostess-with-the-Mostess or Amy Atlas. We love the idea of bringing other colors into Halloween. Orange and black are great, but why not add some light blue, green or lilac to give it an elegant feel or a soft touch. The colour pictures were taken by Michelle of Favor Box Bakery featured on Amy Atlas blog and from Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead from Debbie of Wants And Wishes as well as from the Wicked Halloween Party.

There is so much creativity out there! We hope you enjoyed these links!

Are you now in the mood for some pretty Halloween crafting, baking and decorating? We decided to have a picture contest started. Send us your own Halloween pictures showing some crafts, desert tables, baking or decoration! We will choose 3 projects to be presented on our blog mid November. These 3 will get a gift coupon for PinkFisch worth SFr. 20 each. Here are the details:

  • Send your pictures and description as well as your name via e-mail to shop@pinfisch.com
  • Send your pictures no later than November 4, 2012
  • We will email you once your project has been selected to enter our blog.

We wish you best luck and we are looking forward to many creative pictures!


Result of our Halloween picture contest:

Halloween was a lot of fun and we received many great pictures. Therefore, a random drawing picked the winners. And here they are:

- Laetitia with her spider cake
- Laura with her Halloween cupcakes
Sandy with her ghost (in sneakers) cake

Congratulations ladies. You will each receive a 20 Francs gift coupon for PinkFisch via Email. We hope you enjoy! Thank you for sending in your pictures. Here they are:

Laetitia made a chocolate cake and covered it with marzipan and chocolate to create a spider net. The Spider is made of a dark chocolate Swiss whip, smarties and carambar covered in chocolate. Very nice and fun for kids.

Laura from Italy made beautiful cupcakes with scary halloween pumpkins on top. Very cute!

Sandy - a last minute sent in picture - made this adorable ghost cake. Look at the sneakers. Too fun!


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Sonja Suchentrunk - 27.08.2015

Wirklich sehr cool! Tolle Tipps! Freue mich schon auf unsere erste Halloween Party!!

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